I am a wife, a mother to my son, two fur babies, with two twin boys on the way. Becoming a mother through birth was a paramount transformation in my life. I had no idea what spaces would be awoken and filled by creating and introducing new life.
Motherhood has changed my life and I hope to show all woman how brilliant all seasons of motherhood are through my art. I value empathy, authenticity, connection, and empowerment, and strive to live by these in all aspects of my life.

Hello! I'm Lauren

   I am an empathetic and vibrant artist that brings an intimate connection to every session. While sharing your space and trust, my goal is to capture your family’s most authentic moments. I bring your stories to life and allow you to feel celebrated for who you are and to see all the meaningful connections to your family.

  I want the art I create of you to inspire and empower you!


my beliefs, my manifesto

Creating art out of life’s bigger moments


"Art is born when the temporary touches the eternal"



Human Design

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super power

Proudest moments


Manifesting Generator (4/6)


Being a mom of 3 little boys and 2 fur babies counts right?

My wedding day &
the home births of my sons! 

Volleyball, Hiking, Calligraphy, & Photography(shocker!!)


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